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Conflict of Interest Policy Su

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, Boll employees, especially those working in the research department, must: 

        Investments in research or proposals provide any potential personal benefit or the potential benefit of any interested person.

        Reliable sources are used in the preparation of the report and are indicated in the report.

        Exclude personal opinions to analyze facts independently.

        will not be susceptible to the influence of other departments and people, and report any cases of attempting to influence analysts to internal auditors.

        Analysts should refuse to conduct research and allow third-party companies to conduct such research if it is an unavoidable conflict of interest event.

        supports the proposal in a disciplinary way and maintains the above records as proof.

        If members of the Research Department are also members of the Investment and Investment Strategy Committee, they are forbidden to selectively quote shares of listed companies excluded by the Research Department.

        Sends and executes personal transactions (e.g. sales and trading departments) through other members or company employees.

         does not deal in stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, and derivatives unless there are exceptional circumstances (margin account) through foreign exchange and other companies. To open such accounts, employees should inform the management of the company. They also need to report monthly portfolio flows and value to internal auditors.

        may not enter into the account of oneself or related persons for stock trading, thus not reporting this behavior.

        Insider Information (Insider Information).

        Designed to manipulate the price of financial instruments (market manipulation).

        Maintain good professional ethics of investment companies and abide by any directives of regulators or companies