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Q:   How should I protect my account data security?

A:   Please change your password when you log in for the first time;
      Regularly change your password via the webpage;
      Never reveal your password to anyone;

Q:   How do I check my past transaction history?

A:   You can receive a daily statement in your registration email. Or you can log in to your trading platform and select your account history. Right click to see the text menu, where you can also save the transaction as an html file. So that you can easily view it when you log out of the trading platform.

Q:   In which currency is the trading account funds settled?

A:   Hong Kong stock accounts are settled in Hong Kong dollars. In the case of a Hong Kong stock account, if the funds you deposit are in any other currency, they will be converted into Hong Kong dollars at the prevailing market exchange rate.

Q:   How do I deposit and withdraw money?



China Mainland customers can use Boll's deposit channel from Quick menu.
Foreign customers can wire to Boll's relevant account

Beneficiary Bank : DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Beneficiary Bank Address : G/F, The Centre, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Beneficiary Account Number : 000591584 (HKD) Or 000591593 (USD)



After the customer applies for withdrawal in the trading system, under normal circumstances, after the company has verified the correctness, the funds will be deposited into the customer's bank account within 1-2 working days.
请Note that the company's cut-off time for each working day is 12:00 noon, processing unfinished withdrawal requests today and yesterday. The withdrawal application after 12:00 noon will be processed on the second working day.

Q:   Will Boll charge a fee for withdrawal of funds?

A:   will not. Boll will not charge any fees from the client's funds. However, your bank may charge a fee, so please contact your bank for information on fees.

Q:   How can I change my profile?

A:   You can log in to the client & ldquo; account management login & rdquo; to modify the relevant information; or submit by email "customer change personal information and authorization instructions". We will update your personal information within one business day. The relevant forms are available on the official website.

Q:   What are the transaction costs?

A:  The transaction costs are mainly as follows:

Charges Amount
Brokerage commission 0.25% of the transaction amount (less than HK$1 is also calculated as HK$1), the minimum charge is HK$100
Stamp duty 0.1% of the transaction amount (less than HK$1 is also calculated as HK$1)
Transaction Fee 0.0027% of the transaction amount (less than 0.01 is also calculated as 0.01)
Trade Fee 0.005% of the transaction amount (less than 0.01 is also calculated as 0.01)
Settlement Fee 0.01% of the transaction amount (less than 0.01 is also calculated as 0.01) (0.002% is charged by HKSCC) (minimum HK$3)

For more information, please visit the section on "Charges" on the website.

Q:   What is the trading time of Boll?

A:   Hong Kong stocks open trading hours are 9:30-12:00 and 13:00-16:00. It is in the opening hours designated by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Q:   Is the investment risk high?

A:   In addition to considering the characteristics of the product itself, the risk needs to be determined according to your investment strategy. Usually, the amount of funds invested is large, and the ability to resist risks is relatively strong. In addition, our company provides margin call notification and automatic liquidation function, and promptly warns customers about possible risks so that investors can make decisions. Please refer to Brin's Risk Disclosure Statement for a thorough understanding of the risks involved.