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Deposit and Withdraw

Main-land Pay Channel

Main-land Pay Channel:

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited Bank Account

Guidelines for depositing funds into DBS Bank (Hong Kong) account
The sender must fill in the remittance data
Remitters must fill in personal data
Beneficiary Bank:DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Beneficiary Bank Address :G/F, The Centre, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Beneficiary Account Number : 000591584 (HKD) Or 000591593 (USD)

After completing the deposit, please scan and email to : [email protected] .Under normal circumstances, after the company confirms the customer deposit instructions of the remittance bank, the funds will be deposited into the bank account of the company on the same day. Deposited funds are subject to real-time review by the company before they can be used.

If a third party deposit is found, the remittance will be returned to the remitter. All related fees will be borne by the remitter.

1、You must first apply for a trading account to transfer any funds to Brin. Brin Financial does not accept third-party deposits. If this is the case, the funds will be withheld and will be reimbursed after the sender has provided the relevant bank information, and the remitter must bear all the necessary expenses (such as exchange and bank administration fees).

2、Brin Financial will not charge any fees or commissions for deposits. However, some payment service providers charge some service fees and commissions. Therefore, we ask that you carefully review the terms of the payment service provider you choose to ensure that you know any fees you may pay.

3、If you use bank transfer, please ensure that your full name and your trading account (such as Wang XX - Trading Account 12345) are displayed on your remittance instructions (such as a remittance slip). This will make it easier for us to confirm your deposit. Once the deposit arrives in our account, the funds will be immediately deposited by Brin into the client's trading account upon review.

4、Hong Kong stock accounts are settled in Hong Kong dollars. If the funds you deposit are in any other currency, they will be converted into Hong Kong dollars at the prevailing market exchange rate;


DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Bank Account

After the customer applies for withdrawal in the trading system, under normal circumstances, after the company has verified the correctness, the funds will be deposited into the customer's bank account within 1-2 working days.
Please note that the company's cut-off time for each working day is 12:00 noon, processing unfinished withdrawal requests today and yesterday. The withdrawal application after 12:00 noon will be processed on the second working day.

Note: In line with all the regulations of the Hong Kong and International Anti-Money Laundering Law and the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Regulations, in order to protect the rights and interests of the guests, the company will monitor the client's funds in and out, transfer remitter and payee according to the requirements of the regulatory authorities. If the customer is found to have suspicious deposits and withdrawals, the company has the right to decide to process and return the relevant funds in the original way of deposit and withdrawal, or it may be handled on a case-by-case basis.